Do I need to supply 3 months salary slips for Schengen visa application?

3/19/2013 3:26:46 PM

It seems like Schengen tourist visa may vary based on where you are applying. When I applied for visa I was only asked proof of sufficient funds and an employment letter. It would be to logical to assume all you need is to prove that you have enough money.
Of course you cannot argue with a pdf, so just give them a call and ask. Chances are you need to show them the money in your account.

3/19/2013 1:15:21 PM

If you look at the document you linked it only requires you to provide 3 months of pay slips/stubs only if you are employed. If you’re self employed then 3 months of statements from you personal and possibly corporate bank accounts will more then likely suffice for proof of income or sufficient means.

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