Can I register more than one ID document for a flight ticket?

11/14/2014 4:03:09 AM

No, but you don’t need to, since as a rule, any passport data you enter when booking a flight is irrelevant. When applicable, your passport, visa etc will be checked again on check-in, and the airline will quite happily update what they’ve got on file if you give them a different (valid) passport.

In your particular case, it sounds like your flight was entirely within Schengen, in which case you don’t necessarily need any ID to fly (although there’s significant national variance here). Even if there are ID checks at the gate, they’re just checking that your ID matches your face and the name on your ticket, not cross-referencing it against any info given earlier.

As ever, the one major exception to this is the United States, where passengers from many countries are required to file APIS data in advance, including passport number, and any discrepancies between your APIS data and what you present at check in may cause you to be denied boarding.

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